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I.S.C # 8 Download

Comando Bruno: aka Rafael Flores started making experimental electronic music in the early 80’s, mainly making an Experimental style of Industrial. Link 

Chumbawamba: was our vehicle for pointing at the naked Emperors, for telling our version of the truth; it gave us more than the joy and love of playing live, writing songs and singing together – it gave us a chance to be part of a broad coalition of activists and hectors, optimists and questioners. But eventually the rest of our lives got in the way and we couldn’t commit the time and enthusiasm that the band demanded. Couldn’t keep up with whatever responsibilities came with a band like this. Link

Danbert Nobacon: (born Nigel Hunter, Burnley, England on 16 January 1962) is a former vocalist and occasional keyboard player in the Leeds based anarchist band Chumbawamba. He is currently living in Twisp, Washington in the United Stateswith his family and is pursuing a solo career. Nobacon has long aired his views through his music, producing cassettes in the early 1980s that featured songs exploring his views on anarchism, ecology and personal relationships. Despite being a member of Chumbawamba, the first vinyl release on their own Sky and Trees label was Nobacon’s acoustic solo album, a re-recording of his scatological ‘eco-concept’ work The Unfairy Tale in 1985. Link

De Fabriek: (The Factory) hails from the Dutch City of Zwolle and original founded by Richard van Dellen and Andries D. Eker at the end of the seventies. Now they are Richard van Dellen, Louise Manuru van Dellen (his wife) and Simone van Dellen (his daughter). Not considering themselves a regular band (for one thing, they are a label too) they present The Factory as some sort of workmen-union, and the musicians they work with as labourers. Music is created through workman tools and machinery. Throughout years they were recording with the likes of Solenoid (2), O.R.D.U.C., Technological Aquiver, Brume, Vivenza, Klinik, and Gen Ken Montgomery. Link Link

Miroslaw Rajkowski: Polish overtone singer and video artist. Also describes himself as a new media artist as well. Link

Luca Miti: He studied jazz piano, extended vocal techniques and baroque flute a bec. From 1980 he’s been working as a composer and performer of contemporary music. His work is centered on a deep research on, over and beyond “sound” , Born in Rome in 1957. Study of piano, experimental voice, “automatons” and gregorian chant. Active as composer and performer of contemporary music. Recorded several LP, audiotapes and CD. Link

Bill Pritchard: The dry, deadpan voice and introspective storytelling of Bill Pritchard has drawn comparisons to Morrissey and Lloyd Cole. Although he was born in Lichfield, England, Pritchard is more well-known outside of his homeland; Pritchard has amassed cult followings in Japan, Italy, Holland, Belgium, and France, where he eventually relocated. Link

Paul Kelday: hails from Brighton. That’s about all you can find out about this guy except evidence of his scattered discography which spans quite a few years. A slim list of recordings in the 80’s, many of which were on Colin Potter’s ICR label(Potter is known mostly nowadays as a frequent collaborator of Steven Stapleton in Nurse With Wound. Link

Dissolutio Humani Generis: Post-Punk/ New Wave/Alternative Rock band from Milan (Italy). The band started to play in the first half of the 80’s with this first formation: Paolo Arfini (voice and bass), Alessandro Marcheschi (drums), Stefano Eco (guitar) e Gabriele Gaslini (sax). Other elements in the time (between the others): Sandro Borgheresi (guitar from 1987), Luca Marin (percussions) and Giuliana Paganini (vocalist). Not a lot of info about the band, only the awareness to have played a good role in the italian wave context. Link

The Mock Turtles: are a Manchester based indie rock band, formed in Middleton, Greater Manchester in 1985, who enjoyed some success in the early 1990s. Their best-known song is “Can You Dig It?” which was released in 1991. Led by former Judge Happiness singer Martin Coogan, older brother of actor/comedian Steve Coogan, the band began to pick up attention around 1990, with tracks such as “Lay Me Down” and “And Then She Smiles” on the Imaginary label. It was “Can You Dig It?”, however, which gained them wider attention. Link

Low Class: was Henk Wallays Electronic independant home tape music. Co-founder of the 3rio tape label with Magisch theater and Dirk Ivens ( Absolute Body control ) Collaborated among other with Tara Cross, Magisch Theater & Saunetic Fraction ( Michel Madrange ) Member of the Micrart Group Played also in the band Tangible Joy Has issued songs as Metal thought : ‘Easy touch on silky skin’ ( Contactdisc 3 ) and Low Class : Aliennation ballad (on 1994 album).Also went by the name Unovidual. Link Link

Filthy Christians: A grindcore band from Sweden who were active from the late 80s to mid 90s. Link

Barry And Eve Pilchar And Friends: For almost 20 years Barry Edgar Pilcher has lived alone on the island of Inishfree. He is the sole permanent inhabitant of the tiny windswept island off the coast of Co Donegal in Ireland where he writes poetry and plays music. Once a week – weather permitting – Barry, 69, makes the 15 minute boat journey to Burtonport, where he does his weekly shopping in a petrol station. He posts letters and picks up the modest provisions he will need for the week and then it’s back to his ramshackle cottage where he lives and works in a single room. Link Link

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I.S.C # 7 Download

Hello!, As usual its hard to find any info on the bands on I.S.C tapes, and typing in “Post War” on a search site will bring millions of references but none pertaining to or lost in the infinite soup of the internet, so if you we’re in or have any info on the bands/artists then please post and i will update the info on this site, thanx so much, cheers for downloading, this issue was printed in silver ink whilst the boss went out to lunch by yours truly! Andy Xport.

Mystery Hearsay: Mike Honeycutt The man behind the experimental/industrial project Mystery Hearsay and the Mystery Hearsay label. Link Link

Headcleaners: The band existed between 1981 and 1984 and was formed by the brothers Mats and Torulf Nilsson. After the demise of Sundsvall’s most famous (and orthodox) punk band Massmedia in 1980, the two brothers moved to Linköping to study, and they were eager to play again. It was originally planned as a solo project by Mats, but it resulted in Huvudtvätt (HT). With new influences from the US hardcore scene and England’s Discharge, they took a step towards a tougher punk style. Link

Famlende Forsok: Veteran Norwegian industrial/experimental band which was started in the early 80s. They are influenced by the writings of H.P. Lovecraft. Their works are released on their own Shit Tapes and Crawling Chaos labels. Link Link

Paranoid Visions: are an infamous punk band from Dublin, Ireland who formed in 1982. They broke up in 1992, had reunion shows and eventually decided to reunite. The band ran their own label, F.O.A.D. (Fuck Off And Die), during the 80s and 90s. The label was based in Dublin and run by guitarist, P.A. as is the bulk of their current administration to date. In 1987, the band started the FOAD2U2 campaign (meaning Fuck off and die to U2). These letters could be seen sprayed all over Dublin at the time. Their EP, I Will Wallow is a parody of U2’s album, Boy, and their single “I Will Follow”. In January 2009, the band announced they would be releasing a new album, Beware of the God. This will be the first album which features new members Aoife Destruction and Steo Pain.

N.B.N: Link

Opera Multisteel: Opera Multi Steel was born during the winter 1983-1984 in Bourges, a city in the centre of France. In the beginning, the band was first set up by Franck Lopez, his brother Patrick L. Robin and Catherine Marie. A four track 45 RPM recorded in 1984, was the first essay of the group in studio work. The following year saw the releasing of « Cathedrale », a 10 track album dedicated to this famous Gothic building of Bourges. The band gave numerous concerts and played in several French festivals. It also contributed to many K7 and record compilations on French and European independent labels. In parallel to its official discographic work, Opera Multi Steel recorded with lighter sound material several K7s containing many unreleased tracks: « Autres Appels » (1985), « Eternelle Tourmente » (1986), « OMS/Modern Art » (1987), « Je Regarde la Pluie »(1987), « Regret qui s’écaille » (1987), « OMS in Concert » (1987). These different limited edition tapes are nowadays deleted and are considered as real collector’s items.Link Link Video

The Apostles: Were formed in the Islington area of London in 1979 by William ‘Bill’ Corbett, Julian Portinari, Dan McIntyre and Pete Byng-Hall. This line-up of the group did not play any concerts, and only appeared in a small number of fanzines (including Paroxysm Fear and New Crimes) before Bill Corbett left the group. Andy Martin (ex-Black Flag / Carnage) joined as vocalist in late 1981, and the group played their first concert on 22 September 1981. This line-up of the group recorded a demo tape – ‘The Apostles’ – in late 1981. The music of the group is generally characterized by a varied eclecticism which encompasses punk, Blues Rock, Industrial music (with influences like Lemon Kittens, Nocturnal Emissions and Five Or Six cited), and more abstracted avant garde experimentation. The remaining founder members of the group left the group in early 1982. Martin recruited Dave Fanning (ex-Innocent Bystander) as bassplayer, along with a revolving line-up of musicians (which included John Soares, Kev Apostle, Flump, Chris Low (ex-Political Asylum) and Olly Bucket (Eat Shit) ) in order to continue the group who went on to play numerous concerts in the London area, and to record 8 demo cassettes and 4 7″ singles between 1982 and 1984.  The Apostles now go under the name Unit. Link Link

Fever Heroes: Link

Celestial Orgy: Link

In’8: Born on 20th march 1964. Bill Pritchard is a British singer-songwriter, instrumentalist (guitars, keyboards), musical arranger and producer. The dry, deadpan voice and introspective storytelling of Bill Pritchard has drawn comparisons to Morrissey and Lloyd Cole. Although he was born in Lichfield, England, Pritchard is more well-known outside of his homeland; Pritchard has amassed cult followings in Japan, Italy, Holland, Belgium, and France, where he eventually relocated. Pritchard’s first two LPs, Bill Pritchard and Half a Million, triggered interest at Play It Again Sam Records. In 1989, the label released his third album Three Months, Three Weeks & Two Days. The LP was a flop in England, but it sold well in other European countries. The album was also a minor hit on college radio in America; the video for the single “Tommy and Co.” was even featured on MTV’s 120 Minutes program. After moving to France, Pritchard collaborated with singer Daniel Darc of Taxi Girl on the record Parce Que. In 1991, Ian Broudie of Care and the Lightning Seeds produced Pritchard’s album Jolie. The popularity of Jolie in Japan and Canada piqued the interest of Polygram/Island Records and signed Pritchard to a contract. However, problems with the label stalled his career. In 1995, Pritchard formed the band Beatitude with guitarist Tim Bradshaw, bassist Tuppy Rutter, and drummer Paul Barlow, recording one single, “Baby in Brylcreem.” In 1998, Pritchard released Happiness and Other Crimes on Ncompass Music. Link

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I.S.C # 6 Download

Cover Drawing by Harding a friend of Barry E Pilchar

Sombrero Galaxy: A significant cassette culture label started in the early 1980s by Al Margolis (If, Bwana) in New York City. Featuring his projects If, Bwana and Sombrero Galaxy plus a wealth of international artists “Sound of Pig” released hundreds of original cassettes throughout the 1980s. Link Link Link Link

If, Bwana: Same as above above, another creation by Al Margolis. Myspace

Zanstones: A regular on I.S.C, see other tapes for more info on Zan’s Music, Zan now tours a lot and has just done a successful European tour with his band Body Cocktail

Paul Kelday: Brother of Phil Kelday from New 7th Music, who was also an occasional contributor for that group, Paul was a prolific artist of ambient and electronic music.

Barry Edgar Pilchar: See ISC 5

The day rosemary said she was pregnant: A few short cassettes and compilation tracks are the known output of this project by Cauchy 138 the 1980’s hometaper.

No Unauthorized: Catherine – Vocals, percussion, synthesizer; Christian – drums, drum machine, bass, percussion, synthesizer; Marc – Guitar, bass; Michel – Synthesizers, tapes, guitar, ambiance, electronic devices; Veronique – Vocals, percussion. Myspace, Pod

Final: Final is Justin Broadrick’s oldest project, which recorded a number of tapes in the 80s, long before his best-known group Godflesh was formed.

Vacuum: Is the name of a Swedish synthpop project originally formed by Alexander Bard, Anders Wollbeck and Mattias Lindblom, now used to refer to the song-writing/production duo Lindblom and Wollbeck, who also work together as a pop group under the same name. As songwriters they have written hits for artists such as Monrose, Tarja Turunen and Rachel Stevens to name a few.

Cool stuff on this one! have a listen peeps ;0)

Download 83 mb

*Please note the download file was corrupted but is now fixed and re-upped apologies for that, I will check files in future, thanks to Jerry Kranitz.

This is all the info i could find on any of the bands on ISC 6, if you know of any other info or we’re in any of the bands please get in touch with Andy Xport or leave a comment cheers, please don’t just “Hit and Run”!

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I.S.C # 5 Download

Antibiotik: I originally spelt this with a C rather than a K, Not sure why but this catchy song  was from the bands 45 single, not sure if it originally said my spelling or not, but the track was lifted from the original single. Link

Phillipe Hot Bip Laurent: A cool piece of electronic dance music from this French underground artist, i liked this guys tapes!. Link

Zone Verte: Another band that was typical of the wave of electronic music coming out of Belgium at this time. Link

Narzisse: Also on ISC #4 Link

Mama Bubo: This track was taken from a Czech underground album “Czeck! until now you we’re alone ” put out by Rodolfo Protti and Europa Cafe, I was instructed to use one track only and i chose this one!, No contact could be made with bands inside Czechoslovakia at the time as they we’re under a heavy police state and suffered harassment if found to be anti-state etc Link Link Link

Vita Noctis: Another experimental Pop/Electronic band from Belgium, tracks starts off a bit unsure but expands out into a rather cool piece!. Video Link

X Ray Pop: Worth the download alone, both songs are perfect pop pieces with pitch perfect singing from the female vocalist, sounding very much like an underground Abba! Link Video Video Myspace

Terry Gray: This guy was prolific at the time but nothing on the web about him, this song was a stray from his more experimental ambient music!

Barry Edgar Pilchar: If you like saxophones then this guy was your buzz, very into the mail art and cassette culture of the time, i had a lot of correspondence from him at the time. Link Link

New 7th Music: Existed from 1979 to 1986. It was a group of amateur musicians with an interest in improvisation. They would meet on occasional weekends at a place called the Arun Leisure Center, where they would play in a rented room without the presence of an audience. Link Myspace

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I.S.C # 4 Download

Turning the world upside down

The Klinik: In 1985, Verhaeghen joined forces with two other bands, Absolute Body Control (with Dirk Ivens and Eric van Wonterghem), and “The Maniacs” (Sandy Nys) to form one “super group” “Absolute Controlled Clinical Maniacs”. This rather unwieldy name was soon dropped in favour of the shorter name “The Klinik”. Nys soon left the band to form “Hybryds”, followed in 1987 by van Wonterghem, leaving The Klinik as the “classic” duo of Dirk Ivens and Marc Verhaeghen. The Klinik soon made a name for themselves with their cold and harsh EBM sound and their live shows, where both Ivens and Verhaeghen performed with their heads wrapped in gauze, wearing long black leather coats. Ivens’ hissing vocals and minimalist lyrics were complemented by Verhaeghen’s synthesizer skills and distorted trombone playing (the latter giving the music a slightly feverish sound). This however, did not last forever; after Time, an album neither member was fully pleased with, musical differences became too great, and they decided to go their separate ways. Link Video

Unknownmix: Not a lot on these guys but you can check their releases here Link

F/I: See ISC 1

Unovidual: Henk Wallays (aka “Unovidual”) first started playing records on the alternative circuit in the pirate / free radio scene in Belgium and had his own music programm called ‘Stalhwerksymgonie’ (after Die Krups) on Radio Caraad, Kanegem, Belgium. This involved playing mainly electronic new wave music and he actively chased bands for demo’s and interviews. Through it he came in touch with various bands and people like Polyphonic Size, Front 242, Vibo, Red Zebra, A blaze color, Neon Judgement, Chris & Cozy, Andy Oppenheimer, Attrition and a lot lesser known bands. The programm blended independant releases, electro-wave & selftape material and also contained a poetry side. Through the book “New Music discography”, CLEM (Canadain Contact list for Electronic musicians), the Dutch Vinyl-magazine, adresses of bands were acquired and a lot of (independent) labels and bands were contacted for demo-tapes and records. Over the years he received quite some interesting things. The chase for electronic music also got him in touch with Peter Bonne (Micrart group) of which he later became an active (board)member. In the last part of this setup he started his own free-radio programm ‘Paladium’ at Aalter, Belgium, which excisted or about a year. Link

Electro Hippies: was a crust punk/thrashcore band formed in St Helens/Wigan, United Kingdom in 1985. Though they were short-lived and underground through their career, their music influenced many future crust, hardcore punk, and grindcore bands. The band relied heavily on low bass end sounds to create their low-fi, primitively-produced music. They also incoprorated elements of heavy metal and have been described as “proto-grindcore”. The band strongly embraced the D.I.Y. (do it yourself) ethic which was very common among many early crust punk bands. The band’s lyrics spoke heavily about animal rights and vegetarianism. A recurring lyrical theme on each LP targeted the McDonalds corporation, evidenced by the lyrics to “Run Ronald” and “Scum”. The band were supported by John Peel for whom they recorded a radio session in 1987, released as an EP by Strange Fruit Records the same year. The Electro Hippies included Jeff Walker (guitar, vocals) in their ranks. He later would join extreme metal band Carcass. When Jeff joined Carcass full time, Simon (drums) and Andy (guitar) assumed vocal duties in the band. Eventually, the band split up sometime in 1989, playing one last gig and releasing the show as their final album. Link Link Video

D.V.A Minuta: Looks like i may have got the name of this band wrong in 1985 (“D.V.A Minuta Mrznje”) oh! well it stands as was cause i have already done the cover, it was hard sometimes deciphering letters from foreign lands!  Video

If, Bwana: Al Margolis has been working under the musical pseudonym If, Bwana since New Year’s Day 1984. Since, Al Margolis as If, Bwana has earned an international reputation for his experimental noise music.  If, Bwana music is a fusion of ambient, industrial, and musique concretesounds, often featuring strange soundscapes that are both balmy and unnerving at the same time. Margolis has also been very active as the owner of two prolific labels, the cassette label Sound of Pig and, since the 1990s, Pogus Productions, a CD label with a focus on experimental contemporary classical music. Link Link

Anathema: A lot of bands go under this name but here is the myspace for this band on ISC Link

Pseudo Code: Belgian industrial-band, active at least from 1979 – 1996.
Their mastermind Alain Neffe is also founder of Insane Music (Trazegnies, Belgium), one of the first great underground tape labels in europe. Guy-Marc Hinan is one of the two guy who made the label “Sub Rosa”. Xavier S have a radio show on the Belgian national radio. The group had been temporarily shelved while Alain Neffe concentrated on his main project Bene Gesserit. “We play potlatch music which is emotional music, or more accurately emotional sounds, because we are not musicians.”
Members  Alain Neffe, Guy Marc Hinant, Xavier S Link Video

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I.S.C # 3 Download

Head case baby!
Head case baby!

It’s been hard to find any info on any of the band’s on this comp, if you know of any information or we’re in any of the bands please leave a comment and link etc thanx.

Political Asylum: As you can hear from this great number Guitarist “Cheesy” would leave many rock gods in his wake with all the licks he lays down here in this live version of  “Fresh Hate”, Ramsey Kanaan Lead singer also started the AK Press in America Link Link

Autentisk Film: Autentisk film er noe av det mest kreative og banebrytende som kom ut av den Norske kassett bølgen på første halvdel av 1980 tallet. I lag med artister som Famlende forsøk, Ym stammen, White Lord Jesus m.fl. var Autentisk film med å definere hva som kunne gjøres og burde gjøres. Could not get a translation to English, The rest here! Link

Master/Slave Relationship: Deborah Jaffe is the mastermind of the industrial musical entity: Master/Slave Relationship. For twenty years she has self-produced a unique brand of industrial music. In that time she’s released more than ten cassettes, one vinyl LP, five compact discs and one CD-ROM with no government grants or federal funds of any sort, thus maintaining TRUE independence of content and spirit. Link myspace Link

Absolute Body Control: was formed early 1980 by Dirk Ivens (synth and voice) and joined by Mark De Jonghe (synths) and Veerle De Schepper (backing vocals).  After the single “Is There An Exit?”, which became a local culthit, Mark left the band, but his place was already taken by Eric Van Wonterghem.  Absolute Body Control was one of the first active belgian electronic bands on stage and the next three years they appeared on many compilations worldwide. In 1984, Dirk became the founder of ‘The klinik’ and is active as ‘Dive’ and ‘Sonar’.  Eric has his own project ‘Monolith’, but is also involved in the ‘Sonar’ project. see ISC#1 for links.

The Bristles: are a raw punk band from Landskrona, in the south of Sweden. The Bristles were formed in 1982, after the towns ship yard shut down. Alongside bands like Asta Kask, Sötlimpa, Existenz, Moderat Likvidation, Noncens, EATER, Anti Cimex and many others were the Bristles the new breed of new fast bands that released mostly singles in this period, and did a lot of gigging. myspace

Communicate to create
Communicate to create

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I.S.C # 2 Download

Issue 2 released on16/03/1985

Issue 2 released on16/03/1985

Final: is Justin Broadrick’s oldest project, which recorded a number of tapes in the 80s, long before his best-known group Godflesh was formed. myspace

Zanstones: Since 1983 this has been the project of Zan Hoffman who has restlessly explored new audio realms and presented the result on over 140 releases and in live city-specific performances. Live shows all feature sounds gathered in the city the day of the show – cities explored include: Seattle, Louisville, Chicago, Washington D.C., Arlington, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, San Sebastion, Coimbra, Porto, Copenhagen, Rotterdam and Zaandam among others. Some Zanstones releases are international collaborations. All releases are available on the ZH27 label.

S.O.D: Some very powerful hardcore punk from “Sound Of Disaster” from Sweden.

The Stupids: are a skate punk thrash band created by Tom Withers. Hailing from Ipswich in England in the 1980s, they are one of the leading groups of this style in the world. They recorded three sessions for John Peel’s BBC Radio 1 show in the 1980s, and toured the United States (with Ludichrist) and Australia (the Hard-Ons) as well as Europe and the United Kingdom. Linkmyspace

A Technicolor Dream: “Closing walls of karma” possibly my fave track if not only for the rather cool trumpet (cornet?) solo, beautiful!. Link

Dennis Carleton: Was a music teacher who did classes on writing the perfect pop song, as you can hear from this little gem he punched all the spots! Link

A good diversity of artist's on this one!

A good diversity of artist's on this one!

Download I.S.C # 2 83MB

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The man with a switch in his head

Turn me on!

Turn me on!

This image and icon for a free world became the I.S.C logo, that i would use over and over on various mailart leaflet and also lots of Zine interviews etc, i originally cut him out of an issue of “Black Flag Quarterly” which was published and produced by Stuart Christie on the Orkney Islands!.

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I.S.C # 1 Download

Original cover re-used from 1984

Original cover re-used from 1984

This was the first foot in the water, and i did not know how everything was going to pan out, i realised some early ground rules in that any kind of music/noise could and should be included in this series of compilations, and that the most important thing was to include a contact list so people could get in touch with the artists they liked and hopefully obtain some more of their work, Also time was an issue as some artists had very long pieces and some had very short songs, so i envisioned 5 minutes as being the optimum time for artist exposure, whether this was one piece or a couple of short songs etc.

Viscera: We’re a two piece band from America, namely Deborah Jaffe and Hal Mcgee, they also ran “Cause and Effect” Distribution Label, which had a large amount of music available by mail order, both are still stalwarts of Home Taping culture and still make music today.

Magthea: Was sandy Nys from Belgium who also ran his own tape label called “3rio”, he originally came up with the idea of the sound communique and released 5 compilations before telling me he was not going to do any more, i suggested to him that i would like to carry this idea forward and he agreed it would be good, so I.S.C was born, Sandy went on to publish many cassettes and later on to be in the infamous underground band” The Klinik” who found some notoriety, with song themes based around sexual deviancy! Link

Unovidual: Was Henk Walys from Belgium who produced some beautiful arrangements on his keyboards, and at the time was very active on the hometaper mailart scene of the 80’s. Link

Absolute Body Control: We’re a two piece minimalist synth band with Dirk Ivens fronting them, they made very good songs and are still going today, playing live and having popular myspace pages etc, Dirk also teamed up with Sandy nys to form “The Klinik” later on. Link Myspace Video

F/I: are From Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and has been around since 1981, releasing half a dozen LPs on RRRecords. The band started out as a unit elaborating on noise structures in the tradition of Throbbing Gristle or Nurse With Wound. They are also influenced by Hawkwind and Spacemen 3.
In 1983 they changed their name from Surfin´ Führers, to F/i.
Richard Franecki later went on to form Vocokesh but still returning to F/i once n a while. Link Web

Political Asylum: We’re fronted by a good friend of mine Ramsay kanaan who was a bit of a Political academic, and later on, when the band split, went to America and started the Anarchist bookshop “AK Press”. which is one of the biggest distributors of Libertarian and Anarchist literature worldwide. Link

Zanstones: This was one of the main bands of the most prolific artists ever to grace the hometaping scene, in one year alone Zan Hoffman put out over 200 cassettes of work all with covers and labels, with some of the most diverse sounds and songs you were ever likely to hear from one artist, he is still going strong today and regularly performs live all over the world. Link myspace Label

I.S.C CD back cover

A cauldron of new sounds to please or assault your ears!

Download I.S.C #1 81MB

Text Link:

Please don’t just hit and run!, leave a comment and if you have any information about any of the artists on I.S.C #1 then please let us know, or if you think i have some of my facts wrong then put me right ;0)

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Hello and welcome to my new blog on ISC

The fifth issue of ISC compilations

The fifth issue of ISC compilations

Over the course of time i will be posting all the issues of ISC compilation tapes in mp3 form, with printable covers etc, this will take me some time because there are 15 in all, spanning from 1984 until 1989 approx, it was my intention since i got a MySpace site to redo all of these tapes as they document a largely unheard of music scene that was mostly happening in small studio’s bedrooms and garages across the world, we communicated and we created music for ourselves and others, with our only source of advertisement being self-produced leaflets sent out in the mail.

ISC was part of the Cassette Culture and Mail Art movement of the late 70’s and 80’s, please have a look at the ABOUT tag to read more or go direct to the Wiki link, if anyone knows or is the person who wrote the Wiki article and would like to get in touch i would like to hear from them, cheers and thanx.

The Default Man's Hate Production Cassette Label

The Default Man's Hate Production Cassette Label