Posted by: Andy Xport | September 15, 2009

Hello and welcome to my new blog on ISC

The fifth issue of ISC compilations

The fifth issue of ISC compilations

Over the course of time i will be posting all the issues of ISC compilation tapes in mp3 form, with printable covers etc, this will take me some time because there are 15 in all, spanning from 1984 until 1989 approx, it was my intention since i got a MySpace site to redo all of these tapes as they document a largely unheard of music scene that was mostly happening in small studio’s bedrooms and garages across the world, we communicated and we created music for ourselves and others, with our only source of advertisement being self-produced leaflets sent out in the mail.

ISC was part of the Cassette Culture and Mail Art movement of the late 70’s and 80’s, please have a look at the ABOUT tag to read more or go direct to the Wiki link, if anyone knows or is the person who wrote the Wiki article and would like to get in touch i would like to hear from them, cheers and thanx.

The Default Man's Hate Production Cassette Label

The Default Man's Hate Production Cassette Label


  1. This is Fantastic! I will list this blog in the next issue of The Living Archive. Truly massive resource material Andy..way to go!

    • cheers don i hope to get them all up for free download ;0)

  2. Nice Job bringing this to peoples attention..That was a very creative and frutfull time and I think we all learned that we could publish our own music (no matter what that may be) and not have to rely on mainstream sources.On your blog you said I was music teacher, I am a music teacher and songwriter and performer.
    Denny Carleton

  3. Whooooa….. hey Andy! I just stimbled on this site. Brilliant! I thrilled you are making the ISC compilations available!

  4. Not only are you a landmark musician in the UK, your ISC series are crucial and essentail pieces of underground music history. You’re going to the Home Tapers Hall Of Fame Andy.

  5. Cheers Denny i actually remembered that fact about you, great to hear from you again, good to see your still active.

    Thanx Jerry as well, glad you like to hear the tapes ;0) its all good.

    Hometapers hall of fame Don would be neat, kinda like the rock n roll hall of fame but done by mail!

  6. Hullo,
    I was the poet LD50 on ISC #10.
    Can you email me on sidstovold at gmail dot com please.
    I’d love to get hold of that tape again, I really would.

    Thanks !

  7. It’s fantastic that you are continuing a tape-trader/DIY tradtition by making these available online, thank you and keep up the good work.

  8. Thanks Matt ;0)

  9. Hi Andy, great job! I am writing my thesis on an audio cassette culture and I will include your project as well. Could you tell how did you find the artists or how they knew about you, how did they send you their records? I found this part very interesting for me. Thank you.

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