Posted by: Andy Xport | September 22, 2009

I.S.C # 1 Download

Original cover re-used from 1984

Original cover re-used from 1984

This was the first foot in the water, and i did not know how everything was going to pan out, i realised some early ground rules in that any kind of music/noise could and should be included in this series of compilations, and that the most important thing was to include a contact list so people could get in touch with the artists they liked and hopefully obtain some more of their work, Also time was an issue as some artists had very long pieces and some had very short songs, so i envisioned 5 minutes as being the optimum time for artist exposure, whether this was one piece or a couple of short songs etc.

Viscera: We’re a two piece band from America, namely Deborah Jaffe and Hal Mcgee, they also ran “Cause and Effect” Distribution Label, which had a large amount of music available by mail order, both are still stalwarts of Home Taping culture and still make music today.

Magthea: Was sandy Nys from Belgium who also ran his own tape label called “3rio”, he originally came up with the idea of the sound communique and released 5 compilations before telling me he was not going to do any more, i suggested to him that i would like to carry this idea forward and he agreed it would be good, so I.S.C was born, Sandy went on to publish many cassettes and later on to be in the infamous underground band” The Klinik” who found some notoriety, with song themes based around sexual deviancy! Link

Unovidual: Was Henk Walys from Belgium who produced some beautiful arrangements on his keyboards, and at the time was very active on the hometaper mailart scene of the 80’s. Link

Absolute Body Control: We’re a two piece minimalist synth band with Dirk Ivens fronting them, they made very good songs and are still going today, playing live and having popular myspace pages etc, Dirk also teamed up with Sandy nys to form “The Klinik” later on. Link Myspace Video

F/I: are From Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and has been around since 1981, releasing half a dozen LPs on RRRecords. The band started out as a unit elaborating on noise structures in the tradition of Throbbing Gristle or Nurse With Wound. They are also influenced by Hawkwind and Spacemen 3.
In 1983 they changed their name from Surfin´ Führers, to F/i.
Richard Franecki later went on to form Vocokesh but still returning to F/i once n a while. Link Web

Political Asylum: We’re fronted by a good friend of mine Ramsay kanaan who was a bit of a Political academic, and later on, when the band split, went to America and started the Anarchist bookshop “AK Press”. which is one of the biggest distributors of Libertarian and Anarchist literature worldwide. Link

Zanstones: This was one of the main bands of the most prolific artists ever to grace the hometaping scene, in one year alone Zan Hoffman put out over 200 cassettes of work all with covers and labels, with some of the most diverse sounds and songs you were ever likely to hear from one artist, he is still going strong today and regularly performs live all over the world. Link myspace Label

I.S.C CD back cover

A cauldron of new sounds to please or assault your ears!

Download I.S.C #1 81MB

Text Link:

Please don’t just hit and run!, leave a comment and if you have any information about any of the artists on I.S.C #1 then please let us know, or if you think i have some of my facts wrong then put me right ;0)


  1. fantastic
    thank’s a lot


  2. Thanks for making these available!
    I ordered a lot of these from you when I was into Mail Art, 1985-90; I think I had almost all of them. They vanished one by one in a series of moves until the only one I have left now is #1!

  3. fantastic site. i found you when searching for isc no 15. any chance you also make this one avaiable. merci!

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