Posted by: Andy Xport | September 27, 2009

I.S.C # 2 Download

Issue 2 released on16/03/1985

Issue 2 released on16/03/1985

Final: is Justin Broadrick’s oldest project, which recorded a number of tapes in the 80s, long before his best-known group Godflesh was formed. myspace

Zanstones: Since 1983 this has been the project of Zan Hoffman who has restlessly explored new audio realms and presented the result on over 140 releases and in live city-specific performances. Live shows all feature sounds gathered in the city the day of the show – cities explored include: Seattle, Louisville, Chicago, Washington D.C., Arlington, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, San Sebastion, Coimbra, Porto, Copenhagen, Rotterdam and Zaandam among others. Some Zanstones releases are international collaborations. All releases are available on the ZH27 label.

S.O.D: Some very powerful hardcore punk from “Sound Of Disaster” from Sweden.

The Stupids: are a skate punk thrash band created by Tom Withers. Hailing from Ipswich in England in the 1980s, they are one of the leading groups of this style in the world. They recorded three sessions for John Peel’s BBC Radio 1 show in the 1980s, and toured the United States (with Ludichrist) and Australia (the Hard-Ons) as well as Europe and the United Kingdom. Linkmyspace

A Technicolor Dream: “Closing walls of karma” possibly my fave track if not only for the rather cool trumpet (cornet?) solo, beautiful!. Link

Dennis Carleton: Was a music teacher who did classes on writing the perfect pop song, as you can hear from this little gem he punched all the spots! Link

A good diversity of artist's on this one!

A good diversity of artist's on this one!

Download I.S.C # 2 83MB

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  1. Last Exit is also Justin Broadrick..

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