Posted by: Andy Xport | February 7, 2010

I.S.C # 5 Download

Antibiotik: I originally spelt this with a C rather than a K, Not sure why but this catchy song  was from the bands 45 single, not sure if it originally said my spelling or not, but the track was lifted from the original single. Link

Phillipe Hot Bip Laurent: A cool piece of electronic dance music from this French underground artist, i liked this guys tapes!. Link

Zone Verte: Another band that was typical of the wave of electronic music coming out of Belgium at this time. Link

Narzisse: Also on ISC #4 Link

Mama Bubo: This track was taken from a Czech underground album “Czeck! until now you we’re alone ” put out by Rodolfo Protti and Europa Cafe, I was instructed to use one track only and i chose this one!, No contact could be made with bands inside Czechoslovakia at the time as they we’re under a heavy police state and suffered harassment if found to be anti-state etc Link Link Link

Vita Noctis: Another experimental Pop/Electronic band from Belgium, tracks starts off a bit unsure but expands out into a rather cool piece!. Video Link

X Ray Pop: Worth the download alone, both songs are perfect pop pieces with pitch perfect singing from the female vocalist, sounding very much like an underground Abba! Link Video Video Myspace

Terry Gray: This guy was prolific at the time but nothing on the web about him, this song was a stray from his more experimental ambient music!

Barry Edgar Pilchar: If you like saxophones then this guy was your buzz, very into the mail art and cassette culture of the time, i had a lot of correspondence from him at the time. Link Link

New 7th Music: Existed from 1979 to 1986. It was a group of amateur musicians with an interest in improvisation. They would meet on occasional weekends at a place called the Arun Leisure Center, where they would play in a rented room without the presence of an audience. Link Myspace

Download 84mb

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