Posted by: Andy Xport | July 2, 2010

I.S.C # 6 Download

Cover Drawing by Harding a friend of Barry E Pilchar

Sombrero Galaxy: A significant cassette culture label started in the early 1980s by Al Margolis (If, Bwana) in New York City. Featuring his projects If, Bwana and Sombrero Galaxy plus a wealth of international artists “Sound of Pig” released hundreds of original cassettes throughout the 1980s. Link Link Link Link

If, Bwana: Same as above above, another creation by Al Margolis. Myspace

Zanstones: A regular on I.S.C, see other tapes for more info on Zan’s Music, Zan now tours a lot and has just done a successful European tour with his band Body Cocktail

Paul Kelday: Brother of Phil Kelday from New 7th Music, who was also an occasional contributor for that group, Paul was a prolific artist of ambient and electronic music.

Barry Edgar Pilchar: See ISC 5

The day rosemary said she was pregnant: A few short cassettes and compilation tracks are the known output of this project by Cauchy 138 the 1980’s hometaper.

No Unauthorized: Catherine – Vocals, percussion, synthesizer; Christian – drums, drum machine, bass, percussion, synthesizer; Marc – Guitar, bass; Michel – Synthesizers, tapes, guitar, ambiance, electronic devices; Veronique – Vocals, percussion. Myspace, Pod

Final: Final is Justin Broadrick’s oldest project, which recorded a number of tapes in the 80s, long before his best-known group Godflesh was formed.

Vacuum: Is the name of a Swedish synthpop project originally formed by Alexander Bard, Anders Wollbeck and Mattias Lindblom, now used to refer to the song-writing/production duo Lindblom and Wollbeck, who also work together as a pop group under the same name. As songwriters they have written hits for artists such as Monrose, Tarja Turunen and Rachel Stevens to name a few.

Cool stuff on this one! have a listen peeps ;0)

Download 83 mb

*Please note the download file was corrupted but is now fixed and re-upped apologies for that, I will check files in future, thanks to Jerry Kranitz.

This is all the info i could find on any of the bands on ISC 6, if you know of any other info or we’re in any of the bands please get in touch with Andy Xport or leave a comment cheers, please don’t just “Hit and Run”!

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  1. Vacuum here is the Dutch punkband. They sung in Dutch and I see the title is translated. Original title is ‘Vlees’.

  2. thanx 4 the info curious guy, if they had supplied the track as “Vlees” then that’s what 1 would have titled it, so the band themselves chose to give it the title Meat in English!
    would be cool to see a lyric translation m8!

  3. The track is from their 2nd album ‘Feest’. Vacuum records are pretty hard to find these days (I don’t own any). Great lyrics tough but I think a lot of the humour would get lost in the translation. This is an anti-meat eating song.

  4. hi there….when I go to download this my macafee is warning of malware virus embedded in the zip file…anyone else having this issue? thanks

    • hey mike, no virus just a zip file with no password, probably mcafee being over cautious!

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