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I.S.C # 7 Download

Hello!, As usual its hard to find any info on the bands on I.S.C tapes, and typing in “Post War” on a search site will bring millions of references but none pertaining to or lost in the infinite soup of the internet, so if you we’re in or have any info on the bands/artists then please post and i will update the info on this site, thanx so much, cheers for downloading, this issue was printed in silver ink whilst the boss went out to lunch by yours truly! Andy Xport.

Mystery Hearsay: Mike Honeycutt The man behind the experimental/industrial project Mystery Hearsay and the Mystery Hearsay label. Link Link

Headcleaners: The band existed between 1981 and 1984 and was formed by the brothers Mats and Torulf Nilsson. After the demise of Sundsvall’s most famous (and orthodox) punk band Massmedia in 1980, the two brothers moved to Linköping to study, and they were eager to play again. It was originally planned as a solo project by Mats, but it resulted in Huvudtvätt (HT). With new influences from the US hardcore scene and England’s Discharge, they took a step towards a tougher punk style. Link

Famlende Forsok: Veteran Norwegian industrial/experimental band which was started in the early 80s. They are influenced by the writings of H.P. Lovecraft. Their works are released on their own Shit Tapes and Crawling Chaos labels. Link Link

Paranoid Visions: are an infamous punk band from Dublin, Ireland who formed in 1982. They broke up in 1992, had reunion shows and eventually decided to reunite. The band ran their own label, F.O.A.D. (Fuck Off And Die), during the 80s and 90s. The label was based in Dublin and run by guitarist, P.A. as is the bulk of their current administration to date. In 1987, the band started the FOAD2U2 campaign (meaning Fuck off and die to U2). These letters could be seen sprayed all over Dublin at the time. Their EP, I Will Wallow is a parody of U2’s album, Boy, and their single “I Will Follow”. In January 2009, the band announced they would be releasing a new album, Beware of the God. This will be the first album which features new members Aoife Destruction and Steo Pain.

N.B.N: Link

Opera Multisteel: Opera Multi Steel was born during the winter 1983-1984 in Bourges, a city in the centre of France. In the beginning, the band was first set up by Franck Lopez, his brother Patrick L. Robin and Catherine Marie. A four track 45 RPM recorded in 1984, was the first essay of the group in studio work. The following year saw the releasing of « Cathedrale », a 10 track album dedicated to this famous Gothic building of Bourges. The band gave numerous concerts and played in several French festivals. It also contributed to many K7 and record compilations on French and European independent labels. In parallel to its official discographic work, Opera Multi Steel recorded with lighter sound material several K7s containing many unreleased tracks: « Autres Appels » (1985), « Eternelle Tourmente » (1986), « OMS/Modern Art » (1987), « Je Regarde la Pluie »(1987), « Regret qui s’écaille » (1987), « OMS in Concert » (1987). These different limited edition tapes are nowadays deleted and are considered as real collector’s items.Link Link Video

The Apostles: Were formed in the Islington area of London in 1979 by William ‘Bill’ Corbett, Julian Portinari, Dan McIntyre and Pete Byng-Hall. This line-up of the group did not play any concerts, and only appeared in a small number of fanzines (including Paroxysm Fear and New Crimes) before Bill Corbett left the group. Andy Martin (ex-Black Flag / Carnage) joined as vocalist in late 1981, and the group played their first concert on 22 September 1981. This line-up of the group recorded a demo tape – ‘The Apostles’ – in late 1981. The music of the group is generally characterized by a varied eclecticism which encompasses punk, Blues Rock, Industrial music (with influences like Lemon Kittens, Nocturnal Emissions and Five Or Six cited), and more abstracted avant garde experimentation. The remaining founder members of the group left the group in early 1982. Martin recruited Dave Fanning (ex-Innocent Bystander) as bassplayer, along with a revolving line-up of musicians (which included John Soares, Kev Apostle, Flump, Chris Low (ex-Political Asylum) and Olly Bucket (Eat Shit) ) in order to continue the group who went on to play numerous concerts in the London area, and to record 8 demo cassettes and 4 7″ singles between 1982 and 1984.  The Apostles now go under the name Unit. Link Link

Fever Heroes: Link

Celestial Orgy: Link

In’8: Born on 20th march 1964. Bill Pritchard is a British singer-songwriter, instrumentalist (guitars, keyboards), musical arranger and producer. The dry, deadpan voice and introspective storytelling of Bill Pritchard has drawn comparisons to Morrissey and Lloyd Cole. Although he was born in Lichfield, England, Pritchard is more well-known outside of his homeland; Pritchard has amassed cult followings in Japan, Italy, Holland, Belgium, and France, where he eventually relocated. Pritchard’s first two LPs, Bill Pritchard and Half a Million, triggered interest at Play It Again Sam Records. In 1989, the label released his third album Three Months, Three Weeks & Two Days. The LP was a flop in England, but it sold well in other European countries. The album was also a minor hit on college radio in America; the video for the single “Tommy and Co.” was even featured on MTV’s 120 Minutes program. After moving to France, Pritchard collaborated with singer Daniel Darc of Taxi Girl on the record Parce Que. In 1991, Ian Broudie of Care and the Lightning Seeds produced Pritchard’s album Jolie. The popularity of Jolie in Japan and Canada piqued the interest of Polygram/Island Records and signed Pritchard to a contract. However, problems with the label stalled his career. In 1995, Pritchard formed the band Beatitude with guitarist Tim Bradshaw, bassist Tuppy Rutter, and drummer Paul Barlow, recording one single, “Baby in Brylcreem.” In 1998, Pritchard released Happiness and Other Crimes on Ncompass Music. Link

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  1. Just stumbled across this blog… amazing! I hope you continue posting these compilations. I’m especially interested in heard Spheric Corner’s contribution to Volume 14.

  2. Face in the Cowd were an experimental rock/noise/improv duo based in Cheshire UK. They had several cassette albums out, appeared on many tape compilations and did occasional live gigs. Concerts and recordings often featured guest musicians as well as the core members Russell Kirk and Rupert Loydell. Discogs at

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