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I.S.C # 8 Download

Comando Bruno: aka Rafael Flores started making experimental electronic music in the early 80’s, mainly making an Experimental style of Industrial. Link 

Chumbawamba: was our vehicle for pointing at the naked Emperors, for telling our version of the truth; it gave us more than the joy and love of playing live, writing songs and singing together – it gave us a chance to be part of a broad coalition of activists and hectors, optimists and questioners. But eventually the rest of our lives got in the way and we couldn’t commit the time and enthusiasm that the band demanded. Couldn’t keep up with whatever responsibilities came with a band like this. Link

Danbert Nobacon: (born Nigel Hunter, Burnley, England on 16 January 1962) is a former vocalist and occasional keyboard player in the Leeds based anarchist band Chumbawamba. He is currently living in Twisp, Washington in the United Stateswith his family and is pursuing a solo career. Nobacon has long aired his views through his music, producing cassettes in the early 1980s that featured songs exploring his views on anarchism, ecology and personal relationships. Despite being a member of Chumbawamba, the first vinyl release on their own Sky and Trees label was Nobacon’s acoustic solo album, a re-recording of his scatological ‘eco-concept’ work The Unfairy Tale in 1985. Link

De Fabriek: (The Factory) hails from the Dutch City of Zwolle and original founded by Richard van Dellen and Andries D. Eker at the end of the seventies. Now they are Richard van Dellen, Louise Manuru van Dellen (his wife) and Simone van Dellen (his daughter). Not considering themselves a regular band (for one thing, they are a label too) they present The Factory as some sort of workmen-union, and the musicians they work with as labourers. Music is created through workman tools and machinery. Throughout years they were recording with the likes of Solenoid (2), O.R.D.U.C., Technological Aquiver, Brume, Vivenza, Klinik, and Gen Ken Montgomery. Link Link

Miroslaw Rajkowski: Polish overtone singer and video artist. Also describes himself as a new media artist as well. Link

Luca Miti: He studied jazz piano, extended vocal techniques and baroque flute a bec. From 1980 he’s been working as a composer and performer of contemporary music. His work is centered on a deep research on, over and beyond “sound” , Born in Rome in 1957. Study of piano, experimental voice, “automatons” and gregorian chant. Active as composer and performer of contemporary music. Recorded several LP, audiotapes and CD. Link

Bill Pritchard: The dry, deadpan voice and introspective storytelling of Bill Pritchard has drawn comparisons to Morrissey and Lloyd Cole. Although he was born in Lichfield, England, Pritchard is more well-known outside of his homeland; Pritchard has amassed cult followings in Japan, Italy, Holland, Belgium, and France, where he eventually relocated. Link

Paul Kelday: hails from Brighton. That’s about all you can find out about this guy except evidence of his scattered discography which spans quite a few years. A slim list of recordings in the 80’s, many of which were on Colin Potter’s ICR label(Potter is known mostly nowadays as a frequent collaborator of Steven Stapleton in Nurse With Wound. Link

Dissolutio Humani Generis: Post-Punk/ New Wave/Alternative Rock band from Milan (Italy). The band started to play in the first half of the 80’s with this first formation: Paolo Arfini (voice and bass), Alessandro Marcheschi (drums), Stefano Eco (guitar) e Gabriele Gaslini (sax). Other elements in the time (between the others): Sandro Borgheresi (guitar from 1987), Luca Marin (percussions) and Giuliana Paganini (vocalist). Not a lot of info about the band, only the awareness to have played a good role in the italian wave context. Link

The Mock Turtles: are a Manchester based indie rock band, formed in Middleton, Greater Manchester in 1985, who enjoyed some success in the early 1990s. Their best-known song is “Can You Dig It?” which was released in 1991. Led by former Judge Happiness singer Martin Coogan, older brother of actor/comedian Steve Coogan, the band began to pick up attention around 1990, with tracks such as “Lay Me Down” and “And Then She Smiles” on the Imaginary label. It was “Can You Dig It?”, however, which gained them wider attention. Link

Low Class: was Henk Wallays Electronic independant home tape music. Co-founder of the 3rio tape label with Magisch theater and Dirk Ivens ( Absolute Body control ) Collaborated among other with Tara Cross, Magisch Theater & Saunetic Fraction ( Michel Madrange ) Member of the Micrart Group Played also in the band Tangible Joy Has issued songs as Metal thought : ‘Easy touch on silky skin’ ( Contactdisc 3 ) and Low Class : Aliennation ballad (on 1994 album).Also went by the name Unovidual. Link Link

Filthy Christians: A grindcore band from Sweden who were active from the late 80s to mid 90s. Link

Barry And Eve Pilchar And Friends: For almost 20 years Barry Edgar Pilcher has lived alone on the island of Inishfree. He is the sole permanent inhabitant of the tiny windswept island off the coast of Co Donegal in Ireland where he writes poetry and plays music. Once a week – weather permitting – Barry, 69, makes the 15 minute boat journey to Burtonport, where he does his weekly shopping in a petrol station. He posts letters and picks up the modest provisions he will need for the week and then it’s back to his ramshackle cottage where he lives and works in a single room. Link Link

Download 84mb


  1. Cool to see you’re posting again. Thought you gave up. Thank for this one.

  2. never give up, just very slow on old projects ;0)

  3. Yes, thanks for posting these again!

  4. Hello Andy. I appeared on ISC #10, I have the cassette but have lost the cover – can you email me the cover please?? I was one half of IBF who submitted the track “Rollercoaster”.
    Cari Saluti.
    Steve Cammack

  5. Hi, Nice post thanks for sharing. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back.



  6. hello, i downloaded the file but it appears not to be nr 8, but one that starts with the track ‘resignation’. all the best! pieter

  7. I understand that Andy is no longer with us.

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